Trees better left in someone else’s yard

BLACK WALNUT TREE A North American native, this magnificent shade provider holds a deep secret. While most of us know that the almost baseball sized fruit is a pain to gather in the fall, not everyone is aware that these beauties secrete growth-inhibiting toxins that kill nearby plants. Don’... read more

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3 Ways to Buy a Tree

When purchasing, it is a good idea to take a close look at the pot to see if it is sized for the tree you are wanting. A pot too small will cause root problems. If the tree has been in the pot too long that is also a problem. ... read more

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Chinch Bugs

These nasty little bugs will suck your grass blades dry. First, you will notice the blades wilting. Then, they turn yellow and brown and die. Chinch bugs prefer sunnier locations but it isn’t impossible for them to destroy patches that are shaded.  The tiny bugs lay eggs ... read more

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